At Rebel Scrap Metal We are absolutely Crazy 4 scrap metal.

People from all walks of
life seem to be getting into the spirit of The Green Initiative.

We see them come into our site in cars, trucks, vans, electric scooters, bicycles and on foot.

Two major benefits occur at one time. Scrappers, are cleaning up the environment, whilst earning an independent living.

As the “ Green initiative ”
gains momentum, more and more people are getting

Everyone is joining the “ Green Initiative” and bringing scrap metals to Rebel Scrap Metal

Folks who come to our scrap yard are pleased with the way they are treated, as well as the money they are paid for their scrap.

We continually hear that our business model, of
“honest weights and fair prices” is producing a very loyal and satisfied customer base.

We are Crazy 4 your scrap
too, so bring it on in.

Crazy Benny told me that he wanted to be on that world wide interweb thing. He wanted everyone, everywhere to know that he is Crazy 4 Scrap and he’s at it again. He’s offering insane prices for your old junker. Drive it in, tow it in or teleport it for all he cares, just get it here. Wait, Oh No. Now he will even have it picked up. He must be crazy. This madness has to stop. Get that old truck, car, motorcycle, ATV, SUV or walker in here now before he realizes that he has lost his mind. Benny is crazy 4 scrap. I’ve heard that he sleeps with it under his pillow. If this keeps up there won’t be a piece of junk left anywhere. Soon he’ll be going after your old fridges and stoves. Wait; he already is. Fridges, stoves, washers, dryers; if it’s scrap he just has to have it. Car batteries, aluminum siding, copper wire, brass fittings and even your Granny’s old gold are all fair game to Crazy Benny the scrap hunter.

Stop the presses!!! Now Crazy Benny is begging for old tires. He says they remind him of his Grand Pappy’s glasses. What’s with that? He’s driving me crazy. I’ve brought him aluminum pop cans, old bar-b-ques, TV towers, bicycles, and every other piece of scrap metal that I can find and it still isn’t enough for him. He really is crazy 4 scrap. Can you imagine? He is giving away perfectly good cash money for old scrap metal. Oh. By the way my back 40 never looked so good.

Do yourself and everyone else a favour and bring your scrap into Crazy Benny’s yard or he just might show up in your neck of the woods and believe me you don’t want that.


Bronze, presently, has a scrap value of approximately $1,00 per pound. Some unenlightened folks scrapped this bronze sculpture!



This famous Henry Moore sculpture was presumably stolen recently and cut up for scrap; the value was approximately $1.00 per pound. Some folks held the opinion that this sculpture had a higher value as scrap than it did as art. It is true, however, that after 40 odd years it was cut up.

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Crazy Benny The Scrapman